Real change needs every one of us

Wildwood UK donates 1% of EVERYTHING that we sell to environmental causes. If every UK retailer did this, we'd have £4 Billion to spend EVERY YEAR to give our kids a cleaner future. And if every UK business did the same, we'd have £23 Billion a year. So 1% may not seem a lot, but it can change a lot.

Our contributions are governed by One Percent For The Planet, a global organisation leading the fight for the protection of our planet.  So you can be sure that every penny goes where it's supposed to.

This Week's Best Seller

Kid's Beach Wood


These polarised kids sunglasses are made from sustainably sourced beech wood, combined with recycled plastic frames. The UV400 rated TAC polarised lenses provide total protection from UVA/UVB light and eliminate harmful glare from snow and water.

Kid's eyes are particularly vulnerable to harm from UV radiation and all our glasses provide the perfect all-day protection. And they look SSSOOO good, your kids will want to keep them on all day.